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PCCUA, the best of both worlds – a supportive environment to grow academically and quick entry into the workforce.

“Community” colleges focus on students and community betterment.  The support systems of the campus and community are what make a transformational experience for all students.

Students tell us their PCCUA experience was crucial in getting them connected to their desired career or that PCCUA has been a lifeline with helping students prepare or succeed at their 4-year institution  

Students can find their niche at PCCUA by getting involved in campus organizations, working hand-and-hand with community organizations through service learning opportunities, and make lifelong friendships in a supportive environment. 


Community colleges maximize the college experience by providing an intimate learning experience due to the smaller composition of the classroom experience. The likelihood of improved rapport and interaction among faculty and students is significant, as well as frequent visits with advisors, attaining academic support, and increased socialization opportunities.


The value AND experiences at PCCUA just can’t be beat. Students find a “home” away from their home with support and a clear direction for the future.

Students can focus on academics without worrying about commuting through chaotic traffic, paying extremely high monthly bills, and combatting some social distractions.

Students can enjoy small distance walking on campus, a library, a computer lab, recreational activities, study groups, dining on campus, and more.


PCCUA Faculty and Staff are here to serve students and ensure their personal, social, and academic growth. 


Safety and security are a top priority. Campus security monitors the campus throughout the day and evening hours. Students are also notified about campus crime in a public forum via the college website and through college email.  

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Angel Castillo:

My journey began at PCCUA when I was still in the 11th grade at Stuttgart High School. I was 16 years old. Today I am 19 and a college Sophomore. The years have passed but I can say with the utmost confidence that one thing remains the same. The loving atmosphere that permeates the halls of the campus. I am a first-generation college student with parents whose first language is not English. The simple act of registering and applying to college was extremely intimidating and I feared that I would be behind many other students. Whenever I first stepped into the Front Entrance of the Stuttgart campus, I was greeted by some of the most sincere and helpful individuals I had ever met. These individuals made sure that I had what I needed to succeed. This is what makes PCCUA the best. The staff is simply amazing, and I would never trade my experience for another. This is my last semester. I was awarded as the 2020 academic all-star, yet this award is not mine alone. The staff of PCCUA made it possible. They never leave a student behind. This is my PCCUA experience.

Mary Soper:

College, in so many different ways, can be daunting and stressful.  Being unfamiliar with your surroundings and unsure of what you’re supposed to do can intimidate anyone, no matter their age.  I am a shy person by nature, so I was nervous about classes and having to speak in front of people.  In my first class at PCCUA however, it became clear that I didn’t have to let those worries consume me.  I learned that it was okay to ask questions and to not know every single answer.  Once I realized that, I became comfortable on campus, confident in answering questions, and more engaged in classes, therefore, making my education more enjoyable.  All the instructors and faculty care about my wellbeing and success and they are always willing to stop and take the time to help in any way they could.  PCCUA not only gave me an education, but taught me how to be a better and stronger person.  Beginning my secondary education at PCCUA was the best decision I could have made.  Starting here allowed me to not only obtain a lasting education, but to build lasting relationships.

Lorna Dixie Thomas:

Aren’t you excited to be back at PCCUA?  I am so excited.  The PCCUA atmosphere keeps you coming back. I would not choose another college to attend. What I like is knowing that I am not just another statistic here. The faculty is so awesome here and are concerned about their students.  And that goes for the staff as a whole.  From Dr. King, Dr. Johnson. the admission’s office, the financial aid office, the Business office, and the book store just to name a few’ offices that make PCCUA great.

Being at a small-town community accredited college has these perks that really work for me.  Everyone knows you and better yet, you get to know them in return. Additionally, there are activities and programs here that can help expand your knowledge in your desired career area. You will be surprised at how strong your networking abilities will grow from these experiences. In short, I feel that your attitude will determine your altitude in college and with the help of others I will achieve my goals.

Dr. Kimberley Johnson

Vice Chancellor for Student Services
DeWitt/Helena-West Helena/Stuttgart

Phone: (870) 338-6474, Ext. 1235