Campus Life

Student activities are considered a vital part of institutional life. They are conducted under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.

BOOK CLUB (Helena-West Helena Campus) is a club for students, faculty and staff who enjoy reading and having socialization experiences outside of the classroom experiences. Campus Contact: Dr. Johnson (ext. 1235).

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP STUDENT COUNCIL (DeWitt, Helena-West Helena, and Stuttgart Campuses) gives a voice to the student body as well as serves as a liaison for the students to the Faculty, Staff, and Administration of the College. It is the responsibility of the organization to advocate for students by influencing how the College addresses challenges, barriers to student success, and offer student’s support and resources as needed to ensure a conductive academic and social learning environment for students. Campus Contact: Von Daniels (ext. 1936).

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES (Stuttgart Campus) FCA is focused on servicing local communities by engaging, equipping and empowering, athletes to unite, inspire and change the world through the gospel. Campus Contact: Kim Kirby (ext. 1825).

GAMING This club provides a safe space for students to express themselves through gaming and allows development of teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Campus Contact: Kim Kirby (ext. 1825).


MEN ENROLLING TOWARD ADVANCEMENT (META) (Helena-West Helena Campus) is a peer support group for minority males on the Helena-West Helena campus. META members develop leadership and communication skills, as well as participates in service learning opportunities, and student programming on campus. Campus Contact: Kyunta McCoy (ext. 1363).

MULTICULTURAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION (ALL CAMPUSES)  The mission of the Multicultural Student Organization is to provide the opportunity for multiple cultures of students to assemble for the purpose of increasing cultural awareness, to promote social justice, cultivate inclusiveness on campus, and to formulate a mutual respect for diversity. Campus Contact: Dr. Johnson (ext. 1235).

NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION (ALL CAMPUSES)  The mission of the Non-Traditional Student Association is to provide non-traditional students with a community of support and education from peers with similar work and life experiences. This organization will improve student orientation and transition to the college environment, as well as improve student retention. Non-traditional students are defined as part/full-time employees, 25 years of age or older, veterans, and students who are parents and/or are married. Campus Contact: Dr. Johnson (ext. 1235).

PHI THETA KAPPA recognizes and encourages scholarship, as well as provides opportunities for leadership, fellowship, and service. To be eligible for membership, a student must have earned a 3.5 GPA on 12 hours or more of course work leading to an associate degree. Campus contacts: Dr. Tarsha Smith (ext. 1137) - Helena-West Helena Campus; Thomas Moss (ext. 1831) and Rosary Fazende- Jones (ext. 1826)-Stuttgart Campus; Tracie Karkur (ext. 1615), and Theresa Dupuy (ext. 1613)- DeWitt Campus.

STUDENT AMBASSADORS (DeWitt and Stuttgart Campuses) are selected to represent the College at various activities at the campus and in the community. Campus Contact: Kim Kirby (ext. 1825).