Achieving the Dream (ATD)

ATD is an approach to helping student by ensuring colleges address inequities in all institutional capacities. It is s comprehensive approach designed to address a wide spectrum of needs and to improve success results for all students, especially low-income students and students of color.

PCCUA Initiative Alignment

2021 Student Success Report

2020 Student Success Report

2019 Student Success Report

2018 Student Success Report

2017 Student Success Report


Student Success Plan

The seven capacity areas are:

  • Leadership & Vision
  • Data & Technology
  • Equity Teaching & Learning
  • Engagement & Communication
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Policies & Practices
Annual Reflections  ATD Data
2020-21 2020-21
2019 2019
2018 2018
2017 2017
2016 2016
2015 2015


Leadership and Vision

Data and Technology


Engagement and Communication

Strategy and Planning

Policies and Practices

Policy Change Table


Institional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT) Outcome

Working Family Success Network

Note: Interventions are supplemental instruction, Student Success I & II, Mandatory Orientaiton and more.