College Algebra

PCCUA Course
MS 123 (MATH 1103)
ACTS Course
MATH 1103
3 hours


This is a modern college algebra course based upon a function approach with emphasis on the following: Critical thinking, Mathematical modeling, and appropriate use of technology. Topics covered include: polynomial, rational, absolute value, exponential, and radical functions; graphing of polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic equations; graphing and solution of inequalities; solution of systems of equations using a variety of methods including determinants and matrices; other topics include progression, binomial theorem, partial fractions and set theory. 


  • A score of 19 or above on the ACT Math test, 39 or above on the ASSET Intermediate Algebra Assessment, or 41 or above on the COMPASS Algebra test, 460 on the SAT Qualitative Assessment, or a C or better in Intermediate Algebra.