Tuition & Fees

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education authorizes the expenses incurred for tuition each year. Tuition is $75 per credit hour for Phillips and Arkansas Counties students, $88 per credit hour for out of district/in-state students and $140 for out-of-state students. Tuition rates and all fees are subject to change.

Payment of tuition also enables the student to use the library, bookstore, and other facilities at the College. Students are expected to pay charges for any college property that they damage or lose (i.e., laboratory or shop equipment, supplies, library books and other materials). Formal registration takes place on the dates listed in the calendar. A student is not officially registered and is not allowed to attend class until tuition and fees have been paid.


Full-time Students (15 credit hours or more)

Phillips/Arkansas County resident:$1125.00
Out-of-District resident: Coahoma, DeSoto, Tunica, Quitman and Bolivar County residents of MS and Shelby County, TN are classified as “out-of-district” rather than “non-Arkansas".$1320.00
Non-Arkansas resident:$2100.00

NOTE: Credit hours are capped at 15 hrs.

Part-time Students (fewer than 15 credit hours)

Phillips/Arkansas County resident: (per semester hour)$75.00
Out-of-District resident: (per semester hour)$88.00
Non-Arkansas resident: (per semester hour)$140.00

Online Courses

$75 (per credit hour) - ($5 assessment fee)
Students enrolled in online courses incur a $75 per credit hour charge with a $5 assessment fee to support distance learning.



Special Services Fee $6 (per credit hour) - ($90 max)

Special Services fee of $6.00 per credit hour is charged to fund ongoing special services received by students such as tutoring, advising, graduation, and other services.

Technology Fee $9.00 (per credit hour) - ($135.00 max)

A $9.00 fee is charged to all students for each credit hour of enrollment. The technology fee is used to finance major improvements in information technology at the College. The funds are used along with revenue from additional sources to implement technology improvements designed to allow faculty to use technology to improve instruction and delivery of courses.

Publication Fee           $10 (3 or more credit hours)

A $10.00 fee is charged for the publication of college documents. This includes but is not limited to copies of transcripts, catalogs, handbooks, and other materials.

Safety Fee $8 (per credit hour) - ($120 max)

A $8.00 per credit hour safety fee is charged to fund resources needed to maintain safe and secure campuses.

Facility Fee $5.00 (per credit hour) - ($75.00 max)

A $5.00 per credit hour facility fee is charged to maintain campus facilities.

Other Fees

Allied Health Students

Nursing Testing Fee (per semester)$40.00
EMT, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, and Phlebotomy courses$20.00
EMT Materials Fee$115.00
Registry Exam Fee (PLB 113)$135.00
Registry Exam Fee (MLS 213)$215.00
Tuition Payment Plan Fee$35.00
Late Payment Fee$25.00
Returned check/payment fee$25.00
Orientation fee (failure to attend)$70.00
Certification and Materials Fee (PE 143)$30.00
Developmental Math Software Fee (MS 1013, 1023, & 1123)$115.00
Lab Biology$10.00
Technical Programs$5.00
Commercial Truck Driving$1,000.00
Cosmetology Kit$500.00
Construction Trades Program Fee$500.00

Early Childhood Education Field Study & CDA Testing

(ECD 1001)$350.00
(ECD 1101)$375.00
(EN 223-Praxis)$130.00

Facility Usage

Stuttgart (Bowling)$30.00

Fitness Center

Non-Credit$55.00 semester/$125 annually


Helena-West Helena campus$35.00
AR County$35.00


I.D. Card Replacement$10.00
Independent Study$90.00
Physical Education (PEAC courses)$2.50
All transcriptsFREE
Faxed transcriptsFREE
Vehicle Registration (per year)
1st decalFREE
2nd decal$10.00
Parking Fines: 1st violation-$10; 2nd violation-$20; 3rd violation-$40; 4th violation-$60; 5th violation-$60; Failure to display parking permit-$30; Handicap parking violation-$50.$10-$60
Text Solution Book Rental$38.00/credit hour

*PCCUA reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time.


PCCUA does not provide insurance for its students. The College encourages each student to secure personal health insurance.

Refund Policy

Students are eligible for refunds during the add/drop period identified on the college calendar. (See Refund Policy under Academic Regulations sections of this catalog).

Special Costs

Some classes require special materials such as uniforms and specialized equipment that will be the property of the student. These materials are purchased by the student and paid for at the time of purchase. Consult with your advisor or course instructor concerning these special costs.

Allied Health Liability Insurance

All allied health students are required to purchase and maintain professional liability insurance. The minimal amount of insurance acceptable per claim and for aggregate coverage must comply with individual allied health program requirements. The insurance must be purchased from a company that is acceptable to the College and in compliance with the laws of the State of Arkansas. The company should provide endorsement that the insurance may not be modified or cancelled, unless PCCUA receives 30 days prior written notice. Written proof of coverage must be submitted to the respective program director/coordinator before the student will be allowed to register for, or attend any clinical allied health course.

Other Expenses

Students are expected to obtain their own books, supplies, and consumable materials needed in their studies. Items purchased at the bookstore must be paid for at the time of purchase. Students may be able to reduce this cost by purchasing used or e-books.

Early Childhood

Students enrolling in the Early Child Development Associate Degree (CDA) program pay the cost of observation, testing, assessment, and credentialing. The fees are tied to ECD 1001 and ECD 1101.

Delinquent Accounts

Students will not be permitted to register or graduate, nor will grade reports or transcripts be issued, until all delinquent accounts have been paid in full.

Returned Check Fee

A fee will be assessed for handling all returned checks and dishonored credit/debit card payments. A student will not be allowed to register for classes or receive a transcript/grades until all returned payments have been cleared and their account has been paid in full.

Financial Need

Both Federal, State and other financial aid is awarded to students showing financial need and maintaining satisfactory progress as defined by the institution.