Transfer Agreements

PCCUA has transfer agreements with many four-year colleges across the state. By earning an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree here on your path to a bachelor's degree, you can save thousands of dollars in tuition and take full advantage of our transfer agreements to build a better future. It is possible to transfer before you earn your associate's degree here, but research shows that degree holders perform better after transfer than students without a degree. The success these students enjoy is a reflection of the transfer curricula and related support offered at the College.

When you are accepted for transfer into a parallel program (a continuation of your first two years of study), full credit is generally awarded for your previous coursework with the expectation that you will complete your bachelor's degree in four additional semesters of full-time study.

PCCUA representatives are continually updating existing articulation agreements and negotiating new agreements. Below is a list of current agreements. While this is a listing of colleges with whom PCCUA has specific agreements, PCCUA students transfer smoothly to many other institutions as well. 


Partner Institutions

For information on agreements with colleges of interest, use the links below: